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The artist within -Pilotaktion

Unsere erste Pilotaktion nach dem Training in Ungarn fand am 17. April 2015 mit Menschen aus helfenden Berufen in Leipzig statt

“The pilot activity in Leipzig was addressed to people in helping professions, so a group of young people with professions variing from ergotherapy to studying dance therapy was invited on May 8th to get to know and practice exercices from the Training „Integral expression and dance therapy training” in Hungary as part of the project It’s never too
late! Reviving the hidden Artist within.

The group having taken part in the training decided to join for the activity and offer a great variety of exercises. People attending in the pilot activity are generally already open minded and willing to experience themselves and others. Already at arrival the group atmosphere was really smooth, feeling the relieve of every-day-stress falling off and stepping into a safe, warm, welcoming area for experience and contact.”

“ time we have all been present at the pilot activity it was very nice to meet each other again and to repeat the exercises from the training. The group felt very familiar with each other as we spent an intensive week together before. I could feel that there was lots of trust among the leading group...”

“It was a Friday and I had the feeling that this exercise is a good start. Participants were able to gently arrive in the group.”
“Here I have learned that it is important to give clear instructions.
In our pilot project I realized that I also like to lead groups. In my daily practice, I have worked so far only in individual sessions. Now I could see that  the group work creates its own dynamic, which also carries the group. I think about how I can apply my knowledge in groups.”

“It has been shown that our respectful hungary interaction with one another among the former participants of the training has created a positive working atmosphere. This has been certified by the participants after the event. It was even asked about supporting workshops.”

One male group member that introduced himself in the beginning as “someone that is not able to dance” especially liked this exercise because he found out that with some support (by music and touching) he started to dance.”

“I was enjoying doing the exercise. I could see how people were very concentrated and made a big effort to fulfill all my instructions. I could also see a deeper sense in the exercise. In hungary I did it as a participant, now I did it as a leader and that showed me more perspectives of the exercise. People learn about their comfortable zone and they learn to be sensitive for the comfortable zone of their counterpart. They also have to create a relation ship in an active way and they have to really look into the eyes of their partner –both things that often get lost in daily life...

After I let the pairs reflect on the experience they made and it was really interesting that they found a lot of things to exchange although they did not know each other before.”